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A little bit about our founder Mrs. Suchitra Gupta…

Mrs Suchitra Gupta is not only an Astrologer but also a Psychologist and Social worker by profession. She has worked for various NGO’s like Arohee, Sikhyayan, Kartavya India and Jagabandhu Trust towards building a society where education is accessible to all and everyone stays healthy and independent. A major part of her work focuses on building a safe and vigilant society for children with Autism and other special needs.

She has acquired her astrological knowledge from her guru, Shri Khirod Chandra Mishra. This page has been created as a cumulative effort to shed some light on, “How Astrology and Astronomy go hand in hand?” Astrology, from its birth, has been backed up by science. The methods of rectifying adverse planetary effects are related to astronomy. We can see most of the planets in our solar system either during the day or night. The position of these astronomical particles in our horoscope not only defines us as a individual people, but also speaks a lot about our past life and our future in this life. Small, scientific remedies which are not financially draining can be performed in our day to day lives to reduce the adverse effects of the bad planets in our horoscope.

We would try to answer most of the basic questions that arise through videos. If you have any specific queries about your own horoscope or something specific you want to expand your knowledge on, please feel free to contact us through the details provided.

Please stay in touch with us to know more about how Astrology and Astronomy go hand in hand!!

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